Intune Fitness is excited to announce that it has partnered with COTA as a mobile service provider to bring the popular and well known Living Longer Living Stronger program for Seniors to your centre.



Living Longer Living Stronger is one of the best known and most popular health services for Seniors in Western Australia. The Council on the Ageing (WA) provides this service in over 50 gym and clinic locations around the State, as Seniors need fitness to enjoy their best life in their later years.  The progressive strength training offered by Living Longer Living Stronger empowers Seniors to live with the greatest level of well-being, strength, flexibility, balance, and independence in their communities of choice. 

Proven Benefits

  • Increased strength and muscle mass 

  • Maintenance of bone density 

  • Improvements in balance, mobility, and flexibility 

  • Prevention of falls 

  • Effective weight management tool 

  • Improvements in self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Prevention against social isolation 

  • Reduction in symptoms of chronic diseases including: 

    • Arthritis

    • Sleep disorders 

    • Type 2 diabetes

    •  Osteoporosis

    • Cardiovascular diseases 

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