Intune Fitness is a health and fitness training service.


Intune Fitness is about helping you to achieve the little things in life that matter by:
  • Getting you moving, and doing something to improve your health so you can live longer and spend more time with loved ones
  • Assisting you to make exercise part of your daily routine that it becomes second nature to you.
  • Supporting and helping you achieve a healthier and balanced lifestyle through nutrition and fitness, therefore, enabling you to enjoy life.
Each session is tailored to each individual and the focus is:
  • Ensuring that you have proper technique and form when performing the exercise to prevent injuries.
  • Functional movements
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Endurance exercises
  • Balance exercises
Intune Fitness offers mobile personal training, small group training, group fitness classes, as well as Seniors exercise classes. So there is something for everyone for all levels. 
So make the right decision for yourself today to enable you to enjoy and value what's important for yourself and your family.

Personal Training - Small Group Training - Group Fitness - MetaFit - Matwork Pilates - Balance and Stretch - Seniors